Fetch and Go Ball

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What's better than a Chuckit! Fetch ball? A fleece-tug handle, of course. The combination of a Chuckit! ball with a secure braided fleece handle makes this a versatile and enjoyable toy for your pup. 

Made of durable rubber material, the Fetch Ball by Chuckit is contoured to bounce high! Our fleece handle is made with high-quality fleece and braided securely with the ball to make it the perfect combo toy for fetch and tug games. Wash easily in water after the inevitable muddy puddle incident.


Small - 2”
Medium - 2.5”
Large - 3” 
Handle - 5"
*Exact size can vary for handmade components.
**Handle colours can vary dependent on fleece availability. 

Important Note:

All handmade tugs and ball tugs are designed for ‘play and put away’. These toys are tools designed to be used under interactive, adult supervision only. For best results and longevity of your tug, ensure you put it out of reach when not in use, and take it out only for interactive play. With correct use, your dog should not have any opportunity to chew or destroy the toy. Any repair claims made will be subject to assessment of usage. Please note that the fleece handle can stretch over time with use.