Sniff and Snuffle Mats

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Our Wildhunde Sniff and Snuffle Mats are an interactive enrichment food puzzle. By hiding your dogs food within the high quality fleece strands, your dog is encouraged to sniff and snuffle their way through the mat. Engaging their mind in a fun activity to replicate natural foraging behaviours. Instead of their food lasting a few seconds in a bowl, your dog will have a fun experience sniffing through their mat for each piece. 

Made from light weight rubber matting and high quality clothing grade fleece, our sniff and snuffle mats are hand crafted so each mat it unique. 

Dogs use sniffing as a primary source of gathering information in their environment. By engaging these senses in our dogs, we provide extremely beneficial and crucial enrichment for our dogs. 

Size - 40x60cm 

All mats are made from a range of our off cuts, helping us hit our goal of 0 waste with our handmade goods! This means our colours will change so available colour mats will change. 

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