Wildhunde Play and Bite Mini Puppy Pillow and Flirt Pole Attachment

Wildhunde Play and Bite Mini Puppy Pillow and Flirt Pole Attachment

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Our Play and Bite Mini Puppy Pillows are a small but ultra strong fun and interactive Tug Toy, made to play with your dog! Ready to be attached to a rope or flirt pole for a game of tug in the backyard, these handmade in the USA bite pillows are strong and durable.

Stitched with the highest quality extra heavy nylon thread and given a medium firm stuffing, the mini puppy pillow is small for your starting out puppies or small breeds to grip, but made for a proper full mouth bite! Made from the highest quality natural fibers, our mini puppy Pillow comes in French Linen, in a range of colours

A small nylon tab is attached to the top of the mini pillow, allowing easy attachment to a flirt pole or line for a variety of fun games with your dog.

French Linen
French linen is a durable and long lasting material made from Flax. Suitable for puppies and less experienced tuggers as it is softer on the mouth and easier to grip.


3 inch x 3 inch
Suitable for puppies to small breeds
(As a handmade item, there may be a slight variation on size)

Please remember that these are a interactive tug toy, not to be left with your dog after the game as ended. While extremely durable when used as a tug toy, any linen material will not hold up as a chew toy as that is not their intended use. Please see our range of heavy duty plush and chew toys instead!