Christmas Bowties by The Sophisticated Pet

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Handmade in the heart of Sydney by a small business, these Bow-Ties and Bandanas are created with the greatest love, care and attention to detail. With a beautiful double sided bandana and matching bowtie, your dog is guaranteed to look sophisticated! (Also adorable)

Each Bandana will simply tie around your pets neck.

  • Small- Length 60cm (Bandana Triangle 23cm x 16cm)
  • Medium - Length 70cm (Bandana Triangle 29cm x 19cm)
  • Large - Length 80cm (Bandana Triangle 35cm x 25cm)
  • (When measuring please ensure you add an extra 15cm to your pets neck measurement to allow enough length to tie up.)

Each Bowtie will simply loop through your Pets existing Collar.

  • Approx. 10 - 12cm
  • (Measured Left to Right)