Wildhunde Play and Bite Sample Toys

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Play and Bite Toys are a fun and interactive Tug Toy, made to play with your dog! Ready for a game of tug in the backyard, or ideal for placement as a Obedience or Bite Work reward, these samples were handmade in the USA by a small business, while high quality they did not reach out standards for various reasons.

Bite Pillows have a firm stuffing, the handles are not tightly stitched give it a bit of flexibility when held. Stitching is industrial level.

The Suede Rolled Leather was incorrectly stitched making it too stiff and not flexible. It is also a lower quality suede leather and didn't hold up as well to hard play as I would like.

French Linen
French linen is a durable and long lasting material made from Flax. Suitable for puppies and less experienced tuggers as it is softer on the mouth and easier to grip.

Please remember that these are a interactive tug toy, not to be left with your dog after the game as ended. While extremely durable when used as a tug toy, any linen material will not hold up as a chew toy as that is not their intended use. Please see our range of heavy duty plush and chew toys instead!