How Our Leather Leashes and Collars Are Made

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In a small town of Holmes County, Ohio, our handmade Leather Collars and Leashes begin their journey. To ensure that our leather goods are made to fit our high quality standards, we have partnered with a family of Leather Makers, who hand-make all our leather items in their family workshop

Our leather makers start with only the absolute highest quality English Bridle leather. When we say that the leather we use in our collars and leashes is the highest quality, we absolutely mean it!
To start with, the type of leather hides chosen come from North American Cattle, these leather hides are then tanned within the USA. The tanning process itself is very unique, as the leather used on our dog collars and leashes comes from one of only two vegetable tanneries left in the USA! The vegetable tanning process uses natural tree bark and plants, instead of the chemicals used in the vast majority of leather production. It is a very eco friendly with no environmental impacts, due to the use of natural materials.
The hides are soaked in a long bath of natural tannins, this means that the oils soak fully into the leather for total absorption. Leading to a soft but slightly firm leather that softens more and more over time, as the oils work there ways to the outer layers of your collar and leash. 
A complex 6 week long tanning process takes place, with the end result being the most beautiful rich leather available.You can learn the detailed step by step process involved in vegetable tanning here!
Once the tanning process is complete, we then only select 1# graded super heavy leather that is top grain. Super heavy leather means that it is naturally thick, creating a incredibly high tensile strength. These amazing quality hides are then sent to the workshop of our wonderful leather crafting family. A family who have been crafting leather products by hand for over 30 years!
The cuts of any pattern are first done by hand, once cut the leather is then shaped into one of our unique custom designs. All the stitching you see is done by a lock stitch machine, meaning its stitched on each side adding to the strength and security of your leash or collar.
They are then finished with the highest quality stainless steel hardware, specifically chosen as it is waterproof and the most resistant hardware when it comes to salt water! Something that is very important here in Australia. 
Branded with our one of a kind Wildhunde logo, these beautiful handmade items are then packed for the long journey to Sydney Australia!

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