Collection: Leashes

Elevate your dog walking experience to new heights with our exceptional range of dog leashes. We offer a premium selection of dog leads in Australia, meticulously crafted to ensure both durability and style. Our collection features an array of handmade, high-quality options designed to make each walk with your canine companion a delight.

Discover the superior craftsmanship of our handmade leashes, crafted in Australia with genuine Beta Biothane, known for its strength, flexibility, and waterproof properties. For those who prefer the timeless elegance of leather, our leather leads are made in the USA from the finest English bridle leather, offering both sophistication and resilience.

Additionally, we provide a selection of nylon and cotton dog leashes, constructed with the utmost care and the highest quality materials, made in both Australia and the USA. Whether you prefer the traditional feel of leather or the modern durability of Beta Biothane, our leashes are designed to meet the needs of every dog and owner.

Transform your routine walks into the most enjoyable experience possible with our top-quality dog leashes, and experience the difference that superior craftsmanship and premium materials can make.