At Wildhunde we are super passionate about eco-sustainability and minimising our contribution to landfill. To that end, we want to ensure the longevity of your doggy-related products by offering a custom repair service. 

Whether it's a harness with a torn seam, or a tug that's been chewed through; we can (probably) fix it! Don't throw it away and buy a new one. Send it to us, and we'll patch it up and send it right back and ready for use. 

Wildhunde Repair Guarantee

We are so confident about the quality of our handmade items that we offer a 6-12 month repair guarantee. If any handmade item (toys or leashes) fails to withstand recommended use within 6-12 months from purchase; we will repair it for free. See individual product pages for recommended use.

Simply send us an email and we'll get the ball rolling to ensure that you and your pup continue to enjoy your Wildhunde product.

Repair Policy

Whether it's a beloved tug that's fallen apart after years of lovin' or a harness you bought from that pet store years ago; we can still assist with repairs. That's right, it doesn't have to just be Wildhunde exclusive.

Repair costs and time-frames are quoted individually on a per-case basis, but they start around $20-$30 for simple repairs, higher for more complex repairs. 

For all repairs, please contact with the headline Repair. Provide a selection of photos (so we can accurately see the issue), a description of your item, as well as the issue requiring repair. We'll assess the problem, and provide a price and time-frame so you can make your decision without any pressure.

Eligible items for repair are leashes, harnesses and our handmade toys. Items not eligible include pre-made toys, and that armchair with a hole chewed right through the side.

If you're unsure about the repair eligibility of your item, get in touch anyway, and we'll guide you as best we can.