Wildhunde Pocket Play and Bite Pillow

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Our Pocket Play and Bite Pillows are a fun and interactive Tug Toy, made to play with your dog! Ready for a game of tug in the backyard, or ideal for placement as a Obedience or Bite Work reward, these handmade in the USA bite pillows are strong and durable.

Stitched with the highest quality extra heavy nylon thread and given a medium firm stuffing, the pocket pillow is still small enough to tuck comfortably under your arm while heeling. Made from the highest quality natural fibers, our Pocket Pillow comes in either French Linen, in a range of colours

2 handles in durable nylon rope with a soft webbing exterior are added at each side, perfectly placed in the best position for playing tug. A nylon tab has also been added at the top of the pillow, allowing easy attachment to a flirt pole or line, allowing you to play a variety of fun games with your dog.

French Linen
French linen is a durable and long lasting material made from Flax. Suitable for puppies and less experienced tuggers as it is softer on the mouth and easier to grip.

10 inch x 6 inch
Suitable for large breed puppies and adult dogs of all sizes.

Please remember that these are a interactive tug toy, not to be left with your dog after the game as ended. While extremely durable when used as a tug toy, any linen material will not hold up as a chew toy as that is not their intended use. Please see our range of heavy duty plush and chew toys instead!