Chase N Pull Flirt Pole

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An exciting interactive experience that's fun for you and fun for your dog! Used by trainers across the USA and even at zoos and Big Cat rescues, the Chase N Pull Flirt Pole allows for a wide range of play!

Made and Patented in the USA, this specially designed toy allows for quick action and control. The Flexible Handle is strong and durable, with a high strength solid braid rope attached via the Patented Vee Enterprises system, and an extra strong 36" long solid braid rope. A soft and durable safety bumper protects the dog's eyes and teeth.

With a detachable toy on the end, you can easily switch out for new toys, keeping your flirt pole fresh and exciting! Add on a new toys such as our Wild-Tug Sheepskin Flirt Pole Attachment for additional fun!

Each Chase N Pull Flirt Pole comes with a single detachable toy made of faux sheepskin. It has a sewn-in reinforced squeaker and is machine washable. 

Size Options
Standard Size - 32" Flex Handle
Puppy/Small Dog Size - 28" Flex Handle

Important Note:

Flirt poles are designed for ‘play and put away’. Flirt poles are a tool designed to be used under interactive, adult supervision only. For best results and longevity of your flirt pole, ensure you put it out of reach when not in use, and take it out only for interactive play. With correct use, your dog should not have any opportunity to chew or destroy the flirt pole. 

For correct use of the flirt pole, please review instructions included with your product. Any repair claims made for Wild Tug Flirt Pole attachments will be subject to assessment of usage.