Collection: Custom Made Gear

When nothing seems to quite fit what you had in mind, it's time to custom design something that matches exactly what you want. Whether you want to reflect your own brand colours, or just as an expression of personality (yours or your dogs, we don't judge) -- custom designing your own dog gear is a lot easier and more accessible than you think.

Choose from our selection of BioThane solids (always so bright and bold!) or custom UV printed BioThane collars, which come in a range of amazingly quirky and fun designs. All our custom made gear is handmade right here in Australia, with consideration for the safety and comfort of your dog. BioThane is a great quality material that is waterproof, durable and versatile for your needs. 

We can also custom-make fleece tugs in a range of colour combinations or styles that suit you. Contact us at to discuss what we can make for you!