Biothane 1/4"(6mm) Beta Rope Slip Leash

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Ready for your next adventure? Our 100% waterproof Biothane leashes are the right choice for every dog! Handmade in the USA from ultra durable Beta BioThane®, for our 1/4”(6mm) rope leashes and granite Biothane for our 5/16“(8mm) slip leashes. With a double sided dual riveted easy to grip Biothane stopper, and a solid brass black matte O black ring. The ends of the leash are sealed with a stitched cover under a heavy plastic finish. Allowing for the strongest join possible. The large O ring allows for an easy smooth movement along the leash. 

They are 100% waterproof and perfect for any outdoor adventure, whether you're walking down the street on a rainy day, hiking through the bush or headed to soak up some sun at the beach! Your BioThane slip will remain soft and supple, and easy to get on and off your dog in a single quick motion. Small and light enough to stash in your pocket right before your agility run too! Plus that beautiful colour will stay vibrant for years to come!

Easy to wipe down or hose down after use and made from real genuine USA BioThane®. A incredibly durable and easy to maintain polyester webbing with a PVC coating. Fully waterproof and manufactured in the USA. 

No slip collar or leash should ever be left on a dog that is tied up or unsupervised. If you’re going to use your slip leash as a pressure release training tool, please seek the advise of a professional trainer. No tool that can apply pressure should ever be used lightly or without proper training. Our recommendation is always to base your training in the LIMA method (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive)


1/4"*6mm) Diamater
5 foot (152cm) full length
Industrial Strength Machine Stitching sealed under a heavy duty black plastic finishing clasp. 
Comes in a range of bright colours that will not fade
Black Brass Matte O ring (this is a solid brass ring with black coating that can wear with time)

Suggested Dog Size 
0-45kg (This is based on our below recommendation, not the strength of the leash or hardware used)

Whilst 1/4" Beta Biothane rope has a break strength of over 200kg, for dogs larger than 45-50kg or those that pull very heavily, the rope can feel thin and uncomfortable to handle. It also may not effectively slide through thick double coated breeds as easily due to the soft light nature of the leash. We would recommend using the heavier duty 5/16" diameter granite biothane slip leashes for these dogs. 

All metal can and will rust or corrode when used in water, especially salt water! We highly recommend washing off your leash on a regular basis with clean fresh water and drying it off. The length is inclusive of the Biothane in the handle and the loop. 

Customer Reviews

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K9 Instinct
The best I’ve used

I couldn’t be without it these slip leashes, so light yet stong, waterproof, don’t slip down and great colours.
My clients and I love them.


Purchased at the dog lovers show stand last year and couldn't go past the colourful leads hanging by. This leash is super strong, the slip leash is easy to loop around the head and it doesn't clump up at the neck (releases when no pressure). I also like that it's easy to clean after getting dirty from being thrown around at a trail or in the car. The only thing is I wish the stopper was a bit smaller, but all in all a great product.


Great quality - 5 stars. Lead feels really nice to use and is a good length. Was recommended by my dog trainer. My order arrived extremely quickly. Thank you!


Del quickly and quality product