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Biothane Leash 4ft

Biothane Leash 4ft

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Ready for your next adventure? Our 100% waterproof Biothane leashes are the right choice for every dog! Handmade in the USA and Australia from ultra durable Beta BioThane®, our leashes come in both the standard leash length of 4ft and 6ft, and in our best selling long lines in 10m and 5m. Available in a standard weight of 16mm wide, or the Light weight leash of 13mm wide.

They are 100% waterproof and perfect for any outdoor adventure, whether you're walking down the street on a rainy day, hiking through the bush or headed to soak up some sun at the beach! Your BioThane leash will slide through the thickest of brambles, stay clean even if dropped in the dirtest dam water, stay dry during your beach walks and keep a vibrant colour for years to come!

Easy to wipe down or hose down after use and made from genuine BioThane®. A incredibly durable and easy to maintain polyester webbing with a PVC coating. Fully waterproof and manufactured in the USA. 


  • 16mm Width
  • 4 foot (120cm) length
  • Stamped with our custom Wildhunde brand
  • Industrial Strength Black Machine Stitching
  • Comes in a range of bright colours that will not fade
  • Black Brass Matte hardware (Due to shortages, leashes come with either solid gold brass or black matte brass)

    Suggested dog size


  • 4 foot (120cm) length


Important Product Information

For dogs that may lunge repeatedly at full speed into the end of the leash, we would recommend our gear for dogs of up to 50kg.The snap that is used on this leash is technically safe up to 70kg dogs but the above recommendations is based on the suggested working load for the hardware used. This is not the breaking load, at which point the hardware will break upon impact, but the working load at which the snap can become damaged upon sustained impact (eg. a dog lunging).

All metal can and will rust or corrode when used in water, especially salt water! We highly recommend washing off your leash on a regular basis with clean fresh water and drying it off. The length is inclusive of the Biothane in the handle and the snap. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carla Goldman

Love this leash, lightweight in your hand, withstands quite a bit of puppy chomping, and easy to clean.

Perfect everyday leash

Love this leash for just everyday walks
We also use the long lines for more sniffy adventures
& when cheeky Huey had a chew on it we were able to send it back & Jen saved it !!!
Thank you

Great everyday leash

This 4ft biothane leash is fab. I picked one up in teal colour at the Dog Lover's Sydney show last year. (Our first leash from Wildhunde was the 10m biothane long line recommended by our puppy school trainer). We use this leash everyday for our walks. It's super lightweight, easy to hold as it's not broad, and perfect length for a standard walk. Highly recommend