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Biothane Puppy Light Long Line 10m

Biothane Puppy Light Long Line 10m

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The must have item for all puppy and small dog owners! Whether you're teaching your puppy recall or have a small dog that needs some extra freedom on the leash, our 10m light long lines are the answer! Handmade in the USA and Australia from ultra-durable Beta BioThane®

BioThane leads are 100% waterproof and perfect for any outdoor adventure; be it a hike through the bush, where your BioThane long leash will glide through the thickest brambles, or a safe beach swim where the fully waterproof leash won't soak up water and sand.

After your adventure, simply wipe or hose down your leash. BioThane® is an incredibly durable and easy to maintain polyester webbing with a PVC coating. Long story short, it's solid, it's waterproof and best of all, comes in all the fun colours!

All our BioThane leashes are secured with industrial-strength black machine stitching, and stamped with our custom Wildhunde branding. No matter which bold colour you choose, it will not fade, so you'll always be able to spot your leash from afar. Puppy leashes are completed with a matte black brass fitting to ensure a light-weight option for your pup. 

Please note that due to supply shortages, leashes will come with either solid gold-brass, or black matte brass).

The lightweight line is recommended for dogs up to 25kg. 



Waterproof and Weatherproof: BioThane® is an incredibly durable and easy to maintain polyester webbing with a PVC coating. Waterproof

Lightweight: At only 13mm wide, your leash is extremely lightweight

Vibrant colours: With a wide range of colours, you're sure to have the perfect choice for your dog!


Width: 13mm
Length: 10m

Made from lightweight Beta Biothane

We recommend all puppies should start on this size line, and as they max out their weight limit, you can choose to upgrade to the adult size.


Genuine Beta BioThane
Solid Black Brass Hardware
Industrial Strength Black Stitching

Important Product Information

Important Note:

Dog size recommendation is based on the suggested working load for the hardware used with the leash. This is not the breaking load, at which point the hardware breaks, but the working load at which the snap can become damaged. Dogs that exceed the size recommendation are still able to use our BioThane leashes, but will be exceeding the suggested working load for the leash.

Be aware that all metal can rust over time when used in water, especially salt-water. We strongly recommended rinsing off your leash regularly with clean, fresh water and dry it off to reduce chances of corrosion. The advertised product length is calculated from handle to snap hardware.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I love it! It doesn’t tangle. easy to get out of my bag. The colour is vibrant and easy to see. Best long lead ever!!!

Gabrielle Denniss
Love these

I’ve just bought my second biothane long lead after several years as a spare. I use these all the time. My dog loves “sniffy” walks where she explores on a long lead. Great for being dragged along in the dirt.

Carla Goldman

Purchased this lead for my puppy Kai and it’s been so great. It’s light weight, great for adventures including trips to the river. We love it!


Purchased for my jack russell puppy. Extremely high quality material, fittings are super strong and hard wearing in all weather. The pink is very bright! Love that it's easy to see in any environment! Well worth the price, definitely recommend.

Helen Weber
Great quality, lovely colours

We bought the long line for recall training our GSP puppy, and it’s still going strong after many adventures. Our ‘puppy’ is now 16 months old and 27kgs, and despite being being at the top end of the recommended weight limit we haven’t had any issues with soundness of the product! Comes in amazing colours too which is even better.