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Chase n' Chomp Sticky Bone

Chase n' Chomp Sticky Bone

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The Chase n' Chomp Sticky Bone is an amazing boredom busting enrichment toy, designed to turn boring meal times to a fun and enriching experience. With 2 high quality super strong suction cups, you can attach your Chase n' Chomp Sticky Bone to any flat hard surface for a variety of uses.

The Chase n' Chomp has 2 rigged ends, along with a indent in the center, giving you a range of places to place your food and treats! From yoghurt, peanut butter to raw mince, you can even use your pups kibble by simply soaking it in a small amount of warm water first!


    • Use as a calming aid when you are working on things that may stress out your pup! Such as vacuuming, storms, new people coming into the house.
    • Use within the bath, during nail cutting or during grooming. Licking during these times will reduce stress in your dog and help to improve the overall experience for both the dog and you! 
    • On the go! Take your Stick bone to the vets office and stick it to the vet table as the vet does their examination!

    • There are a range of benefits to using a toy that promotes licking,
    • Helps promote fresh breath by scraping off bacteria and undigested food particles from the tongue
    • Stimulates saliva production and helps clean tongue, teeth and gums
    • Aids in digestion as licking increasing saliva which contains enzymes like Amylase
    • Floats
    • freezer safe
    • dishwasher safe


    9.5cm x 19cm


    Important Product Information

    Some dogs have a natural desire to chew and destroy rubber items and require some education as to how they should use their new toy! Use easy to lick treats that are very tasty to start and keep your sessions short to start. 

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