Scent Kit Tin Hides with Magnets

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High quality light weight aluminium tin hides for your scent work needs. Whether you're ready to start your dog on their sniffing journey or looking to simply expand your selection of hides to new scents, our wildhunde scent work gear is here to fill all your needs!

Round Tin Hides with earth disc magnets

Comes in a set of 2 x 14 gram round containers with 2x magnets

There is a inner thin sheeting of foam that pads the magnet, this will absorb scent as will the tin, we recommend using 1 tin for 1 scent only. Mixing and matching can lead to cross contamination between scents.

If you are after further education on how to best utilize ours or any other Scent Kit, we recommend joining one of the below scent or nosework courses!

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