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Wildhunde Sniff and Snuffle Mat

Wildhunde Sniff and Snuffle Mat

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Get your dog to earn their dinner with our Wildhunde Sniff and Snuffle mat!

Our Sniff and Snuffle Mat is an interactive, food enrichment puzzle. By simply hiding your dog's food in between and around the fleece tags, your dog has to sniff and snuffle their way through the mat to find every tasty morsel. As a food enrichment tool, the Sniff and Snuffle Mat engages their mind and senses in a fun activity that replicates natural foraging behaviour. Instead of dinner lasting mere seconds, your dog's meal is stretched out as they hunt through the mat for every tiny prize.

With a light-weight rubber mat base, and high-quality clothing grade fleece; our Sniff and Snuffle Mats are hand-crafted with care and each one is unique. For dogs, sniffing is their primary source of gathering information about the world. By utilising a tool like this, we engage our dog's primary senses, stimulate them and provide overall beneficial and crucial enrichment for our dogs. Your dog will be happier, healthier and more satisfied when they are mentally engaged with meal time. 

As part of our sustainable practice, our Sniff and Snuffle Mats are made using primarily fleece off-cuts from our other toys; helping us towards our goal of zero waste. As a result, all mats are unique and colours will change depending on availability.


40 cm x 60 cm
Suitable for dogs of all size and breeds.

If you would like to request a custom Sniff and Snuffle mat, please get in touch with us at

Important Note:

Some dogs have a natural desire to chew and destroy rubber, so ensure you put the mat away after use to prevent any chewing of rubber base. Inspect frequently and remove from use if it becomes damaged or otherwise unsafe. Repair or damage claims will be subject to assessment of usage.





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