Snuggle Puppy by Smart Pet Love

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Whether you have a new baby puppy, or an older dog that is suffering from stress or anxiety, the Snuggle Puppy by Smart Pet Love is the perfect toy for you! 

With a “real-feel” heartbeat and disposable heat packs to add real warmth, the Snuggle Puppy by Smart Pet Love is designed to provide comfort and help your puppy or dog. The result is a calmer and more peaceful pet, who is better able to cope with new or stressful situations such as Thunder Storms, Fireworks or Crate Training.


Dogs are a pack animal who are born in a litter. As your new puppy comes home, they go from being surrounded by their litter mates and their mum, to learning how to be  alone. Which can be very scary and stressful for them so by using a Snuggle Puppy, with its "real-feel" heartbeat, you are helping to mitigate those feelings with the best alternative available!

Your new snuggle puppy will help to,

- Reduce the behaviours that come from Anxiety, including whining and barking.
- Help to make crate training easier and less stressful for everyone
- Help your puppy to sleep through the night
- Increase calmness 

Easy Maintenance with 2 AAA batteries that are included. The Heart can be switched on and off as necessary. The whole puppy is machine washable (on a gentle cycle with the heart removed). The disposable heat packs last for 24 hours and are non toxic.