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SodaPup Ultra Durable Magnum Rubber Grenade with Rope

SodaPup Ultra Durable Magnum Rubber Grenade with Rope

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Is your dog a power chewer? Then SodaPup's Ultra Durable Magnum Rubber Grenade is the perfect all rounder for your dog! Ready to play as a chew toy, fetch toy, tug toy and/or treat dispenser! This all rounder is the ultimate addition to any toy collection. 

Made in the USA from FDA-approved non-toxic material that is biodegradable, this toy will combat boredom, increase gum health, and help your dog to be happier, and healthier by promoting the amazing benefits of chewing, and working for their dinner. Ready to be stuffed with a range of foods, the SodaPup Ultra Durable Magnum Rubber Grenade can be used as a reward toy anywhere and everywhere, whether its for your working dog that's earned a treat after a day on the job, or for your lap princess who deserves a boredom-busting chew toy.

Further Details:

  • REWARD TOY: With a durable rope attached, the grenade becomes an ideal reward toy/prey toy/tug toy for your working K9.

  • DURABLE CHEW TOY: The Magnum Grenade Toy is designed to withstand the abuse of powerful chewers.  Our Black Magnum compound has a special additive to increase tear strength.  Chewing on this toy will help keep your dogs' teeth clean and breath fresh.
  • DISPENSES TREATS: Help your dog fight boredom by filling the Grenade Toy with treats like kibble, canned dog food, peanut butter, or your favorite dog treat recipe. Best results: mix wet/dry foods. Freeze with treats inside to prolong use.

  • SLOW FEEDER:  If your dog is a "speed eater" serve your dog's meals inside this toy.  It will slow down eating and keep your dog stimulated and entertained.

  • REDUCES PROBLEM BEHAVIORS: Reduces problem chewing, helps reduce boredom, and relieves separation anxiety.

  • FRESH BREATH:  This toy helps keep your dog's teeth clean and his/her breath smelling fresh.

  • ANIMAL & PLANET FRIENDLY: Material is FDA compliant, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is sustainably harvested helping us reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • MADE IN USA: Proudly keeping jobs in America. Designed and Manufactured in the USA!

  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Veterinarian Approved.

  • DISHWASHER SAFE:  Easy to clean. Place on the top rack of your dishwasher or wash with warm soapy water.

  • EXTRA LARGE:  5.4” tall, 3.5” wide, 14.1 oz. for dogs 60-90 LBS/25-40 KG
  • LARGE:  4.6” tall, 3” wide, 9 oz. for dogs 30-60 LBS/15-27 KG
  • MEDIUM: 3.6” tall, 2.35” wide, 4.2 oz. for dogs 0-35 LBS/0-15 KG

**The SodaPup Grenade rope is secured with a metal washer inserted during manufacturing. We recommend removing these if you would like to leave your dog alone with this toy. If you’re not sure how to do so, please contact our team.

Important Note:

Before purchasing any chew toy, review size dimensions to ensure you are selecting the correct size for your dog. If uncertain, or your dog is still growing, we recommend sizing up to reduce risk of swallowing and choking on the toy. Any toys that include rope should be used only under supervision. If you’re still unsure, our team will be happy to guide you to a suitable choice for your dog’s needs.




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