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Starmark Durafoam Ball with Wildhunde Rope Handle

Starmark Durafoam Ball with Wildhunde Rope Handle

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The Durafoam Ball by Starmark are a patented one of a kind ball! Tough and extremely light weight, its durable yet soft for your dogs mouth. They are free of latex, vinyl & phthalates!

Finished off with our Australian made 10mm marine grade rope, industrial strength machine stitching to secure it all together and a finishing heat shrink added to keep it neat and tidy!

We only use GENUINE Durafoam balls directly from StarMark! They come with a starmark brand on the side and are made of Durafoam not EVA Foam balls. EVA foam balls are much harder and more dense, and less forgiving for strong biters. 

We also offer a repair and replacement service! Chewed handles or you want an upgrade? Just get in contact for more information!


Handle: 17-18cm

  • Large 
    • 9cm ball diameter
  • Medium
    • 7cm ball diameter

*Exact handle size can vary as each one is handmade.

Important Note:

All handmade tugs and ball tugs are designed for ‘play and put away’. These toys are tools designed to be used under interactive, adult supervision only. For best results and longevity of your tug, ensure you put it out of reach when not in use, and take it out only for interactive play. With correct use, your dog should not have any opportunity to chew or destroy the tug. Any repair claims made will be subject to assessment of usage.




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