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The PURRfect Pouncer Cat Flirt Pole Toy

The PURRfect Pouncer Cat Flirt Pole Toy

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The PURRfect™ Pouncer Cat Flirt Pole Toy is a 18” clear coloured flex wand with a 20" leather lace cord. Attached is a blend of natural Chicken and Rooster feathers

The natural scent of the real feathers, along with the long cord will capture your cats attention and interest. Ready for hours of playtime and enrichment.

Play is a great way to interact with and bond with your cat! Providing them with an outlet for their natural behaviours and instincts will protect them against future trouble behaviours. 


  • All natural Chicken and Rooster feathers to stimulate your cats natural hunting instinct in a constructive enriching way
  • No Colour Dyes or Metal Parts
  • Flexible wand to create unpredictable movements of the feathers
  • Encourages your cat’s natural instincts

Wand Length: 18Inches + 20" leather lace

Hand crafted in the the USA




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