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Wild-Tug Fox Tug Toy with Handle

Wild-Tug Fox Tug Toy with Handle

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Send your dogs wild with our range of Wild-Tug toys!

The Wild-Tug Fox Bungee Tug Toy is handmade in Australia using climbing-strength tubular webbing, real fox hide, suede backing and industrial-strength stitching at every stage of production. 

Designed with your dog's natural instincts in mind; from the Fox hide itself triggering your dogs natural prey instincts and a short handle making this perfect for use as a small pocket size tug. Fox hide especially has a unique scent that drives most dogs completely wild with interest.

Fox is a lightweight to midweight hide, meaning it's not as strong as sheepskin or kangaroo, but sturdier than rabbit hide. Using a fox tug is an excellent way to build interest in tug. Each tug toy has three layers of fox hide backed with suede, and secured with five rows of industrial-stitching to ensure the toys are as strong as we can make them.

As part of our sustainable practice, all fox hide is sourced from foxes hunted as pests  within Australia. 

All of our toys are thoroughly tested by a range of dog toy testers. We utilise all feedback and reviews to constantly update and improve our toy designs to ensure we are providing the best possible quality product available.

Handle - 7inches (end to end) 
Fox Hide - 18cm x 5cm
*Exact size can vary as each one is handmade.

Important Note:

All handmade tugs and ball tugs are designed for ‘play and put away’. These toys are tools designed to be used under interactive, adult supervision only. For best results and longevity of your tug, ensure you put it out of reach when not in use, and take it out only for interactive play. With correct use, your dog should not have any opportunity to chew or destroy the tug. Any repair claims made will be subject to assessment of usage.





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Customer Reviews

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Kim Crisp
Perfect for your pocket

Small and compact…. We used this a lot when we were teaching our puppy not to ‘mouth’ us. It was small enough to always be on hand when she started to get mouthy, I’d whip it out of my pocket to distract her.

Helen Ratcliff

Perfect pocket sized tug for the GSDs, and they all go absolutely wild for the fox fur! Great for the end of a flirt pole as well.

Has held up very well over several games of tug