Wild-Tug Rabbit Bungee Tug Toy

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Send your dogs wild with our range of Wild-Tug toys!

Our Wild-Tug Rabbit Bungee Tug Toy is made with climbing strength tubular webbing, Real rabbit hide, suede backing, high quality shock cord and industrial strength stitching at every stage.

With triple stitched real rabbit hide guaranteed to entice every dog, the bungee portion of the toy makes for a much easier tug experience.

Rabbit is a thin lightweight hide, this means it is not as strong as Sheepskin or Kangaroo. Using a rabbit tug is a great way to build interest in tug but please note rabbit can and will tear over time. We have 3 layers of rabbit hide, backed with suede faux leather, stitching at each stage and finished with 5 rows of industrial stitching to make these toys as strong as we can.  

Our rabbit hide is sourced from Meat Animals, this means the rabbits are used for meat and their hides are also utilised. We currently do not have a Australian rabbit hide supplier, our rabbit hides come from overseas through a trusted Australian company.

(Exact size will vary as they're handmade) 

All our toys are thoroughly tested by a range of dog toy testers and based on their reviews we are always updating and improving on our toy designs to make sure this is the best quality product available!

Tug toys are a play and put away toy made for interactive play with your dog. If your dog is given a toy made from sheepskin they will easily chew and destroy it. They are not chew toys.