Wild-Tug Wattle Ultra Fluff Sheepskin Bungee Tug Toy with Padded Handle

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Send your dogs wild with our range of Wild-Tug toys!

Our Wild-Tug Wattle Ultra Fluff Sheepskin Bungee Tug Toy with Padded Handle is a combination of our high quality climbing strength tubular webbing, Real ultra fluff  Australian sheepskin, high quality shock cord and industrial strength stitching at every stage.  A beautifully soft fleece padding is added into the handle to give additional comfort during those fun tug games with a fleece tail explosion on the end!

The fleece tail adds an additional layer of enticement, it flicks and moves as the toy does, triggering prey drive in even the lowest drive dogs.

The Real australian sheepskin  is triple stiched, with a industrial bartack on the end for the tail to be added. If the fleece is eventually chewed, it can easily be removed and replaced with new fleece.

This toy guaranteed to entice your dog, and the bungee portion of the toy makes for a much easier tug experience.

(Exact size will vary as they're handmade) 

Exact colour of the padded fleece inside handle will vary based on availability at the time. 

Not all sheepskin colours will be available in all handle colours. 

All our toys are thoroughly tested by a range of dog toy testers and based on their reviews we are always updating and improving on our toy designs to make sure this is the best quality product available!

tug toys are a play and put away toy made for interactive play with your dog. If your dog is given a toy made from sheepskin they will easily chew and destroy it. They are not chew toys.