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Wildhunde Complete Scent Kit

Wildhunde Complete Scent Kit

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Ready to start your dog on their sniffing journey? Our Wildhunde Complete Scent Kit is here to fulfill all your Nosework and Scent work needs!

With a full range of fresh pure essential oils, and as many additional goodies as we could squeeze into the packaging, the complete scent kit covers everything you need to get started.

Complete Scent Kit contains : 

Plastic case with High quality impact resistant foam

1x Cypress Oil

1x Birch Oil

1x Aniseed Oil

1x Clove Oil

1x Cypress pre-scented cotton buds

1x Birch pre-scented cotton buds

1x Aniseed pre-scented cotton buds

1x Clove pre-scented cotton buds

2x Hide Tins with Magnets

4x Mini Hide Tins

4x Glass Eye Droppers

4x Plastic Eyelets 

1x Metal Tweezers


If you are after further education on how to best utilize ours or any other Scent Kit, we recommend joining one of the below scent or nosework courses!

Information on the official K9 NoseWork sport in Australia

Rules for official ANKC ScentWork trials








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