Zoom and Chase Sheepskin Tug

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Our Zoom and Chase Sheepskin Tug is the perfect chase and tug toy for any and every dog! Just a short amount of time spent playing tug with our handmade sheepskin tugs will help to stimulate and satisfy your dog's drive. This creates a happier and calmer dog overall.

Our best selling tug for a reason, sold Australia wide by top dog trainers, all our Zoom tugs are handmade with the highest quality real Australian sheepskin, and clothing-grade fleece. From top to bottom, these toys are designed with yours and your dog's needs in mind:

- The entirety of this tug is a toy, from the top of the braid to the bottom of the sheepskin. There is no wrong way to play with your Zoom and Chase tug toy. It is the perfect starter toy for you and your dog to learn tug together.

Soft fleece that's gentle on your dog's mouth, but securely braided to withstand tug time. Negative bite feedback happens when your dog bites a tug toy that is simply to hard for their mouth. By utilising soft but strong braided fleece, we make sure that no matter where your dog bites, they will have a positive experience.

- Our puppy size comes with a longer sheepskin end to make it more triggering for your puppies instincts, whilst also being easier for your puppy to grab onto.

- Adult size tugs have a longer fleece handle allowing for more control and strength,  and shorter sheepskin end to hone your dog's bite targeting practice.

- Real Australian sheepskin provides an irresistible lure for any dogs natural instincts.

All of our toys are thoroughly tested by a range of dog toy testers. We utilise all feedback and reviews to constantly update and improve our toy designs to ensure we are providing the best possible quality product available.


Puppy Length
Handle - 22cm
Sheepskin - 31cm

Adult Length - 68 cm (inclusive of fleece and sheepskin) 
*Exact size can vary as each one is handmade.
**Exact colour of sheepskin will vary based on availability.

We can take requests for custom colour combinations at an additional cost, however please note that these will take extra time as they are made to order.

Important Note:

All handmade tugs and ball tugs are designed for ‘play and put away’. These toys are tools designed to be used under interactive, adult supervision only. For best results and longevity of your tug, ensure you put it out of reach when not in use, and take it out only for interactive play. With correct use, your dog should not have any opportunity to chew or destroy the tug. Any repair claims made will be subject to assessment of usage.